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Boartes is a highly experienced team of operational and technical consultants dedicated
to planning and delivering highly-successful ‘Super Events’ and ‘National Security’
projects, worldwide.

Boartes is a 100% Independent consulting firm, maintaining the highest standards in
business ethics and project governance to ensure our Clients can follow our advice
without fear of ‘conflicts’, or biased advice.

Boartes has always delivered substantially more than our contracts require.

Boartes employs modern project-management methodologies and processes, proven on large-scale and complex projects worldwide.

Boartes works alongside the client as the ‘one team’ and at all levels to fully understand
the operational requirements and needs of our Client.

Boartes Consulting:
Level 4, 36 Byron Avenue
1506 Nicosia, Cyprus

Sanctuary Cove, Qld, 4217
ABN: 616 029 616 15
+61 448 03 03 03
[email protected]
[email protected]

Boartes Consulting – Completed Projects

BOARTES Major Events Security – Executive Summary – 2021